Sightseeing Train "Kairi"


Embark on a delightful train journey through the Shonai region of Niigata, nestled along the enchanting shores of the Sea of Japan. Revel in the beauty of the Shonai area's bountiful nature while savoring its delectable cuisine aboard the "Kairi" sightseeing train.

"Kairi" traverses the picturesque Shonai region, renowned for its pristine landscapes, coastal vistas, and charming villages. The train's allure lies not only in the breathtaking scenery framed by its windows but also in the culinary delights of Niigata that you can relish while onboard.
The train's offerings vary depending on the day of operation and the season, but you can always expect a feast of gourmet cuisine curated by esteemed restaurants. This includes dishes crafted by a venerable ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant) with a history dating back to 1846, as well as an Italian restaurant that sources its ingredients from Niigata Prefecture.
Furthermore, the train's exterior is meticulously designed, transitioning seamlessly from a sunset orange hue reminiscent of the setting sun to a pristine white evoking fresh snow. This visual treat ensures that your journey aboard the "Kairi" is as captivating as the landscapes it traverses.

General Information

DirectionsThe route operates between Niigata Station and Sakata Station.
Opening TimesPlease refer to the official website for the boarding times at each station for both the inbound and outbound journeys.
PricesAs it varies by month, route, and course, please refer to the official website for details
NotesOperating days are primarily Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but the schedule may vary depending on the month and season, so please check the official website for specific dates.


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Telephone Number03-6231-7389