Ojiya Nishikigoi no sato


One and only! Nishikigoi carp's theme park

The city of Ojiya is the birthplace of Nishikigoi. Ojiya Nishikigoi no Sato is the only place in the world where a wide variety of live Nishikigoi are on display along with the materials showing the history of their improvements. Nishikigoi carp was born 200 years ago due to mutation evolution, and people in Ojiya devoted to breed the carps into ornamental fish. The garden pond of the Japanese Garden in this facility, you can see 200 carps with 15 kinds swimming.

General Information

Directions【By car】
●5 minutes by car from Ojiya IC (Kanetsu Expressway)

【By public transportation】
●25 minutes on foot from Ojiya station (JR Joetsu Line)
●10 minutes by the Ojiya City Inner Loop Bus from Ojiya Station (JR Joetsu Line), disembark at Sun Plaza and 3 minutes on foot
●5 minutes by local bus station Ojiya Eki Kado or on foot from Honcho-chuo Bus Stop of the Ojiya Shako Mae - Katakai - Raikouji - Nagaoka Eki Mae route near Ojiya Station (Joetsu Line), then 5 minutes on foot
Car Park●Regular cars : 70
●Large cars : 6 buses
Opening Times●Hours of Operation : 9A.M. to 6P.M.(to 5P.M. from December to February)
●Closed : From December 29 to January 3
●Elementary/junior high school children :310JPY(A group of 20 and more 260JPY)
●Children under elementary school : free


NameOjiya City Nishikigoi No Sato
Telephone Number0258-83-2233
Fax Number0258-83-2233
E-mail addressnishikigoi@ojiyasunplaza.jp