Ojiya Nishikigoi no Sato


A one-of-a-kind up-close encounter with colorful “nishikigoi” carp in a serene Japanese garden.

Ojiya City is the proud birthplace of “nishikigoi” (colored carp), nicknamed “swimming jewels.” Emerging around 200 years ago due to a unique mutation, Ojiya's residents have devoted themselves to researching and enhancing this vibrant fish. Today, nishikigoi have evolved into a magnificent species, officially recognized as the ornamental fish of Niigata Prefecture in 2017.

Nishikigoi no Sato is a one-of-a-kind exhibition facility exploring the history of Nishikigoi. Here, visitors can marvel at these exquisite fish in a Japanese garden with bridges and waterfalls, showcasing 200 specimens from 15 different varieties.

General Information

Directions【By Car】
●5 min. by car from the Ojiya IC on the Kanetsu Expressway.

【By Public Transportation】
●Approx. 25 min. on foot from Ojiya Station (JR Joetsu Line).
●Approx. 10 min. on the inner loop bus from Ojiya Station (JR Joetsu Line). Get off at the Sun Plaza bus stop, then walk for 3 min.
●Approx. 5 min. from the Ojiya Ekikado bus stop near Ojiya Station (JR Joetsu Line) on the Ojiya Shakomae - Katagai - Raiko-ji - Nagaoka Ekimae bus route. Get off at the Honcho Chuo bus stop, then walk for 7 min.
Car Park●Regular cars: 70 spaces
●Large vehicles: 6 buses
Opening Times●Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (5:00 pm December to February)
●Closed: December 29 - January 3
Prices●Adults: 520 yen (410 yen per person for groups of 20 or more)
●Elementary/junior high school students: 310 yen (260 yen per person for groups of 20 or more)
●Preschool children: Free


NameOjiya Nishikigoi no Sato
Telephone Number0258-83-2233
Fax Number0258-83-2233
E-mail addressnishikigoi@ojiyasunplaza.jp