Tsukioka Onsen


Discover a rare and beautiful emerald green sulfur spring!

Founded in 1915, the hot springs of Tsukioka Onsen are renowned for having one of the highest sulfur concentrations in Japan. The mild yet stimulating water leaves the skin moisturized after bathing. While typically a bright emerald green, its color changes with the seasons, weather, and conditions of the day, sometimes even appearing milky white.

A twilight stroll through the hot spring town, immersed in the scent of sulfur, is highly recommended. Amidst flickering lights, “geiko” (Niigata geisha) dressed in elegant kimono may occasionally be spotted. You can extend your bliss by staying overnight in one of the accommodations, ranging from grand “ryokan” inns to cozy hideaway hotels.

Beckoning exploration, Tsukioka Onsen has all manner of shops, including those with sake tastings, workshops to make rice crackers by hand, and confectioners. Be sure to also check out Gensen no Mori, where you can sample the self-proclaimed "worst-tasting hot spring water in Japan" and soak your hands in hot spring waters.

Hot Spring Features:
●Spring quality: Sulfur sodium chloride spring
●Main benefits: Skin diseases, women's diseases, nerve pain, burns, etc.
●Temperature: 51°C

General Information

Directions●Approx. 20 min. by shuttle bus from Toyosaka Station (JR Hakushin Line).
●Approx. 25 min. by car from the Yasuda IC on the Banetsu Expressway.
●Approx. 20 min. by car from the Toyosaka Niigata Higashi Port IC on the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway.
Car ParkAvailable (free)
Footbath Yutabi Parking Lot
Approx. 20 cars

Iyashi no Sato Parking Lot
Approx. 60 cars
PricesShuttle bus service between Toyosaka Station (JR Hakushin Line) and Tsukioka Onsen.
Fee: 300 yen (adults), 150 yen (children)
NotesShuttle Bus Timetable:
Departure from Toyosaka Station (JR Hakushin Line): 10:15 am / 2:35 pm / 3:35 pm / 4:50 pm / 6:00 pm
Departure from Tsukioka Onsen: 9:30 am / 11:00 am / 3:05 pm


NameTsukioka Onsen Tourist Association
Telephone Number0254-32-2975
Fax Number0254-32-2314