Fukushimagata Lagoon


An idyllic lake surrounded by nature, boasting over 220 species of wild birds and 470 species of plants

Fukushimagata Lagoon, situated in the eastern part of Niigata City, is a picturesque lake and marsh covering approximately 260 hectares. It stands as the largest lake referred to as a "lagoon" in Niigata Prefecture. The lake's serene surface mirrors the majestic Gozu mountain range, creating a harmonious tapestry with birds, flowers, and people, preserving the original seasonal beauty of Niigata.
This natural haven has earned recognition as one of the "100 Best Natural Views in Japan" and "100 Best Scenic Spots in Niigata." Fukushima Lagoon stands as one of Japan's most biodiverse areas, hosting a plethora of precious plants and animals, including the bean goose and the "onibasu" water lily.
Fukushimagata Lagoon unfolds as a treasure trove of nature, with over 220 species of wild birds and more than 450 species of plants identified. It serves as the northern limit of the native habitat for onibasu, a "herabuna" Japanese crucian carp fishing spot, and a wildlife sanctuary. During winter, it transforms into Japan's premier bird paradise, welcoming the bean goose, a protected species, along with swans, as part of their migratory journey.
From early April to early May, the lagoon is adorned with vibrant fields of rape blossoms.
Nestled on the lakeside is "View Fukushimagata," a facility offering insights into the nature and culture of Fukushimagata Lagoon. From its 29-meter-high rooftop, visitors can savor a panoramic view of the lagoon and the Echigo Plain. Inside the facility, exhibits on the flora, fauna, and history of Fukushimagata Lagoon await, complemented by live video footage capturing the lagoon's interior.

●Swan Species: tundra swans and whooper swans
●Maximum Swan Count: Approx. 8,000
●Feeding: Not allowed
●Area: Approx. 260 hectares

General Information

Directions●5 minutes by car or 30 minutes on foot from Toyosaka Station on the JR Hakushin Line.
●10 minutes by car from the Toyosaka Niigata Higashiko IC on the Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway.
Car Park●Regular cars: 120
●Large vehicles: 5
Opening Times●Rape Blossoms: Early April to early May
●Onibasu: Early July to mid-September

Water Station "View Fukushima Lagoon"
●Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (admission until 30 minutes before closing)
●Closed: Mondays (or the following day if Monday is a national holiday), New Year's holidays: December 28 - January 4

New Year's Special Openings:
●January 1 / 6:30 am - 12:30 pm (admission until 12:00)
Prices●Adults : 400 yen,
●Elementary, junior high, and high school students : 200 yen
Notes●Natural Lagoon


NameThe Water Station "View Fukushimagata"
Telephone Number025-387-1491
Fax Number025-384-1200