Gion Kashiwazaki Festival with large scale fireworks display over the ocean

ぎおん柏崎まつり 海の大花火大会

This firework display is said to be one of 3 major fireworks in Niigata, and many people visit to see the event every year . The fireworks is launched over the sea, it's spectacular. The Star mine that spread over the sea surface, and the Wide Star mine stretches 600 meters are not to be missed.

●Contents: Star mine on the sea, Super large size fireworks display, 300 continues launch, 100 launch at the same time etc...●The number of fireworks: Approx. 15,000
●Time: from 7:30P.M. to 9:10P.M.

General Information

Date July 26, Friday, 2019
Time Duration for fireworks display : 7:30P.M to 9:10P.M.
Directions●20 minutes on foot from Kashiwazaki Station (JR Shinetsu Honsen Line)
●5 minutes by car from Kashiwazaki IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
※Shuttle bus will be operated from the Baseball Field at Satogaike Pond
Car Park●Regular Cards: Available (Approx. 2,000 at the baseball field, Satogaike Pond)
Prices●Parking fee:Regular cars 2,500JPY including shuttle bus fare
※shuttle bus fare: 1,000 JPY per person (round trip)


NameGion Kashiwazaki Festival Supporters Association (C/O Commerce and Tourism Division, Kashiwazaki City)
Telephone Number0257-21-2334
Fax Number0257-22-5904