Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of autumn foliage and lush greenery in a garden inspired by a folding screen painting.

Shounsanso was the former residence of Kenzo Iizuka, founder of the Kashiwazaki Gas Company. The garden was meticulously constructed in 1926, drawing inspiration from a folding screen painting.

Its Japanese-style garden is adorned by lanterns, humpback bridges, and a serene pond, all nestled amidst a diverse array of trees like vibrant azaleas and majestic maples. The months of October and November flaunt an awe-inspiring display of autumn foliage, while rejuvenating hues of fresh greenery grace the garden in May and June.

When the autumn colors peak, the garden is illuminated, conjuring a magical ambiance distinct from its daytime charm. Within the grounds is the Kimura Tea Ceremony Museum, where you can savor matcha prepared using the exquisite cups proudly showcased.

For an even more immersive experience, the open-air tea room welcomes visitors on weekends and national holidays. It offers a relaxed atmosphere free from the constraints of traditional etiquette, all while providing stunning garden views.

Event Period: Late October to late November (Autumn Foliage Light-up)
Opening Hours: From sunset (approx. 5:00 pm) to 9:00 pm
Event Location: Shounsanso

General Information

Directions20 min. on foot or 5 min. by taxi from Kashiwazaki Station (JR Shinetsu Main Line)
15 min. by car from the Hokuriku Expressway Kashiwazaki IC or Yoneyama IC
Car ParkRegular-sized vehicles: Approx. 190 cars
- Akasakayama Park No. 4 Parking Lot (the closest to Shounsanso) incurs a fee of 500 yen per vehicle.
- The other two parking lots, Akasakayama Park No. 3 Parking Lot and Kenno Elementary School, offer free parking.
- Please note that Kenno Elementary School parking is not accessible during daytime hours on weekdays.
For larger vehicles, we recommend Akasakayama Park No. 2 Parking Lot (free)
*For further details, please visit the ""Shounsanso Autumn Foliage Light-up"" page on the Kashiwazaki City website.
Opening TimesOpening Period: April - November
Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
(During the Autumn Foliage Light-up, the facility extends its hours until 9:00 pm (late October to late November)).
Admission: Free

Kimura Tea Ceremony Museum
[Exhibition Room]
Adults: 500 yen
Elementary, Junior High, High School Students: 300 yen
[Special Exhibition Room]
*Indoor Tea Ceremony (with record, commentary, and tea service)
Adults: 1,100 yen
Elementary, Junior High, High School Students: 800 yen
[Rich Tea Ceremony - Reservation Required]
Per Person: 1,600 yen
[Exhibition Room and Special Exhibition Room Combo]
Adults: 1,600 yen
Elementary, Junior High, High School Students: 1,100 yen
[Open-Air Tea Room]
*Available on weekends and national holidays only
Flat rate (with sweets): 600 yen


NameKashiwazaki City Commercial Tourism Division
Telephone Number0257-21-2334
Fax Number0257-22-5904