Yahiko Shrine


With a rich history spanning over 2,400 years, Yahiko Shrine stands as the leading spiritual site of Niigata Prefecture, affectionately called "Oyahiko-sama" by the locals.

Widely revered as the leading shrine of the Echigo region (the former name of Niigata), Yahiko Shrine, or Oyahiko-sama, draws over 200,000 worshippers for “hatsumode” (New Year's visit) each year. Its roots trace back more than 2,400 years, as documented in the Manyoshu, Japan's oldest poetry anthology. The shrine is believed to bring blessings in marriage, and is dedicated to Amenokagoyama no Mikoto, the great-grandchild of goddess Amaterasu.

Yahiko Shrine is easy to reach, being within walking distance of JR Yahiko Station or a short car ride from the Sanjo-Tsubame IC, with free parking available nearby. It is nestled within a stunning forest, full of giant majestic trees imbuing it with a sacred aura. While most renowned for autumn foliage, the shrine presents scenes of gorgeous nature and opportunities for forest bathing throughout the year.

Yahiko Shrine’s unique fireball stone is believed to tell whether or not your wish will come true based on its weight when heldーfeel free to give it a try! The shrine is one of the most popular attractions in Niigata Prefecture, so for a more serene experience, we suggest visiting in the early morning.

Amenokagoyama no Mikoto and his consort are enshrined at the summit of Mt. Yahiko. A 10-minute walk from the shrine leads to the Mt. Yahiko Ropeway station, offering easy access to the summit. A complimentary shuttle bus also runs from the shrine to the station. If you prefer driving, you can reach the summit via the Mt. Yahiko Skyline road.

General Information

Directions●Approx. 15 mins on foot from Yahiko Station (JR Yahiko Line).
●Approx. 30 mins by car from the Sanjo-Tsubame IC on the Hokuriku Expressway.
Car Park●Regular cars: 50
●Large vehicles: 20
*Several free large parking lots are available in the vicinity. Please inquire at the site.
Opening TimesYear-round
Ofuda talismans, omamori amulets, and goshuin stamps are available at the shrine office from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.
NotesHatsumode (first shrine visit of the New Year)
Average number of visitors: approx. 240,000
Traffic regulations will be enforced around Yahiko Shrine from 11:00 pm on December 31 to January 3. Please see the official website for details.


NameYahiko Shrine
Telephone Number0256-94-2001
Fax Number0256-94-4552