Mount Yahiko


A sacred mountain as high as the Tokyo Skytree, suitable for hikers of all abilities

Mount Yahiko rises 634 metres above the ground – as high as the Tokyo Skytree – and is a popular location for hikers of all levels. The walking trail starts 15 minutes’ walk from Yahiko station and it takes about 90 minutes to walk to the top of the mountain. The top is also accessible by the Yahikoyama Ropeway or by car via the Yahikoyama Skyline. The mountain trails are well maintained and an easy walk even for children. The mountain ropeway is also available if you would prefer to climb one-way.

At Yahiko Sancho Park located at the top of Mount Yahiko visitors can enjoy a stunning view of the Echigo Plains and the Sea of Japan from the restaurant or the Panorama Tower featuring a 360° rotating observation room. The night view from here has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful night views in Japan, the view of the Echigo Plains under the starry night sky is spectacular!

The Okusha of Yahiko Shrine located atop Mount Yahiko has been used to worship Mount Yahiko since ancient times. Breathe the fresh air at this shrine and feel its sacred energy.

General Information

Directions15 minutes on foot from "Yahiko Station" on JR Yahiko Line to the trail entrance

25 minutes by car from “Sanjo-Tsubame IC” on Hokuriku Expressway
Car ParkOrdinary vehicle parking: Available
Opening TimesOpen: From April to December (subject to change depending on snow conditions on top of the mountain.)

Closed during winter (From December to March)


NameYahiko Tourist Association
Telephone Number0256-94-3154
Fax Number0256-94-5211