Saifukuji Kaizando Temple


Sculpture painting created by Ishikawa Uncho, the Japanese Michealangelo

Saifukuji has 500 years of history. Many visit the temple because Ishikawa Uncho's artwork -- sculpture, paintings, and lacquer craftworks. All of his works are wonderful, especially the colorful sculpture on the ceiling. Please come and see them with your own eyes!

General Information

Directions●7 minutes by car or 10 minutes by bus from Koide Station(JR Joetsu Line), then 10 minutes on foot
●10 minutes by taxi from Urasa Station (JR Joetsu Shinkansen)
●7 minutes by car from Koide IC (Kanetsu Expressway)
Car Park●Regular cars: Available
Opening Times9:00A.M. to 3:40P.M. (Close at 4PM)
Prices【Admission fee】
●Adults/ 500 JPY
●Junior high school children and a person who is disabled (please show your ID)/ 300 JPY
●Elementary school children or younger/ free
NotesPrefecture designated Tangible Cultural Property.
・Registered name/Ishikawa Uncho's sculpture works at Kaizando and A pair of fusuma paintings on transom drawn by Uncho ・Registered date: March 29, 1973
・Property owner: Saifukuji Temple
・Time: After Edo period


Telephone Number025-792-3032
Fax Number025-792-8753