Ryugakubo Pond


A mystical pond known for perpetually clear waters and the legend of a dragon.

Ryugakubo Pond is a 1.2 hectare pond fed by a vast reserve of ancient groundwater. A remarkable 43,000 tons of water well up from the pond daily, replacing it all in a single day. Such abundant and pristine spring water is an unmatched rarity in the region.

With no nearby rivers, the area’s local water supply relies entirely on springs like Ryugakubo Pond. Its waters can be easily drunk from a tap just a minute’s walk from the parking lot. The area was designated a Nature Conservation Zone by Niigata Prefecture in 1974, and acknowledged as one of Japan’s 100 Best Waters in 1985.

Ryugakubo Pond is also rich with history and legend, and the two villages safeguarding it celebrate it with shrines and an annual festival in July.

General Information

Directions●Approx. 15 min. by taxi from Tsunan Station (JR Iiyama Line).
●Approx. 45 min. by car from the Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC on the Kanetsu Expressway, or approx. 60 min. from the Echigo-Kawaguchi IC.
Car Park●Regular cars: Approx. 35 spaces
●Large vehicles: Parking available
Opening TimesClosed in winter.
PricesParking fees
- Regular cars: 200 yen
- Motorcycles: 100 yen
- Buses and minibuses: 500 yen
Notes●100 Best Waters of Japan
●Maximum depth of 1.5-2 m
●Natural pond


NameTsunan Town Tourist Association
Telephone Number025-765-5585
Fax Number025-765-5586
E-mail addresskanko@tsunan.info