Ryugakubo Pond


A legend of a dragon remains at this mysterious pond, whose waters never grow muddy.

Surrounded by nature and protected since the distant past, roughly 43 thousand tons of water gush forth daily, so that the water in the pond is replaced with new water once a day. No water spring of this quality or abundance can be observed in the surrounding area. A portion of the springs in this region are also very popularly used for drinking water, and guests are able to take water home as they please. It was chosen by the Environment Agency as one of "Japan's 100 Famous Bodies of Water" in 1985. Many old tales exist surrounding Ryugakubo Pond, with shrines to protect them at each of the two surrounding villages in the area, and religious festivals taking place at this sacred pond annually in July.

General Information

Directions●15 minutes by taxi from Tsunan Station (JR Iiyama Line)
●60 minutes by car from Echigo-Kawaguchi IC or Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC (Kanetsu Expressway)
Car Park●Regular cars:30
●Large-sized cars: Parking available
Opening TimesAlways open to public
Notes●One of 100 the best water
●Maximum depth : 1 meter
●Natural pond


NameTsunan Tourism Association
Telephone Number025-765-5585
Fax Number025-765-5586
E-mail addresskanko@tsunan.info