The Hidden Border Akiyamago


Different scenery by seasons, in which we see the Japanese mind and what the Japanese landscape used to be.

Akiyamago refers to a village which spreads on the Nakatsugawa river, a branch of the Shinano river, is a gorge area that straddles Nagano and Niigata. Closed by the mountain surface and deep water, this area is a hidden boarder that still remains the traditional life style. In spring, it is surrounded by flowers of sargent's cherries and dogtooth violets, ray of sunshine comes through young leaves and you can hear the voice of wild birds. In fall, the joy of harvesting echoes into the golden gorge. Purely white snow that falls onto the rock surface enhance the hardness of winter and beauty of the gorge. It's also popular among tourists as its abundant nature as well as it history and culture which it took over from the old times.

General Information

Directions●40 minutes by car from Tsunan Station (JR Iiyama Line)
●60 minutes by car from Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC or Echigo-Kawaguchi IC (Kanetsu Expressway)


NameTsunan Tourism Association
Telephone Number025-765-5585
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