Uonuma no Sato


Experience the serenity of traditional snow country culture.

In the snowy Uonuma Basin, timeless wisdom derived from living in harmony with nature has been passed down over the generations, creating a community that cherishes the beauty of each season.

Uonuma no Sato, nestled in a serene rural village at the base of Mt. Hakkai, was built with the desire to share the essence of the good old-fashioned Uonuma lifestyle and traditions of “snow country” Niigata. Based around the renowned sake brewery Hakkaisan, visitors can explore and unwind at spots like Hakkaisan Yukimuro, which has a cafe, store, and kitchenware shop; Sobaya Nagamori, a soba noodle restaurant; and Satoya, a confectioner.

The Hakkaisan Yukimuro (Snow Chamber) can be entered on free guided tours. The chamber stores approximately 1,000 tons of snow each year, maintaining a temperature of around 4°C. This allows for year-round storage of sake and food while preserving their distinct flavors.

General Information

Directions●15 min. by car from Urasa Station (JR Joetsu Shinkansen Line).
●10 min. by car from Itsukamachi Station (JR Joetsu Line).
●15 min. by car from the Muikamachi IC on the Kanetsu Expressway.
Car Park●Regular cars: 90
Opening Times10:00 am - 5:00 pm
(Varies by facility)
Prices●Admission: Free


NameHakkaisan Yukimuro Hakkaisan Brewery CO.,LTD
Telephone Number025-775-7707