Sasagawa Nagare Coastline


The Sea of Japan’s incredible creation

Sasagawa Nagare is an 11-kilometre stretch of coastline near the city of Murakami, with beautifully contrasting clear blue water and white sandy beaches. Along this stretch of coast the rough waters of the Sea of Japan have created uniquely eroded rocks with submerged peaks and caves, scenery that takes visitors’ breath away. The magnificent view has been designated a place of scenic beauty and a national natural treasure.

A ride on one of the pleasure boats to enjoy the wonderful views of Sasagawa Nagare from the water is a must. Be overwhelmed by the magically shaped rocks resembling objects as varied as spectacles and dinosaurs. Boat rides take 40 minutes and include seagull feeding, the flocks of gulls flying towards the boat are a particular highlight!
Beat the crowds with a morning ride, or enjoy an evening ride for fantastic sunset views. Guarantee a place with the best view by getting in the queue early!

You can also enjoy a stunning sunset view from the Sasagawa Nagare Yuhi Kaikan, a roadside station offering a viewing terrace along with a local produce shop and restaurant.

General Information

Directions5 minutes on foot from “Kuwagawa Station”, “Iamagawa Station”, or “Echigo-kangawa Station” on JR Uetsu Main Line

45 minutes by car from “Murakami Senami Onsen IC” on Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway
Car ParkOrdinary vehicle : Available


NameMurakami City Sanpoku Branch Office
Telephone Number0254-77-3115
Fax Number0254-60-5005