Senami Onsen


Enjoy the hot spring and delicious seafood as you watch the sunset over the gorgeous Sea of Japan scenery

Senami Onsen is a famous hot spring resort just 10 minutes by car from Murakami Station. The high volume of spring water gushes forth at 95 degrees Celsius, which is where the spring gets its other name of “netsu-no-yu” (hot water). There are a wide range of options, including accommodation facilities, but also day entry hot spring baths, and also foot baths.
The main attraction of this resort is the chance to relax in the warming spa waters while watching the sun set over the Sea of Japan. A bathing beach is also close by and in summer Senami is visited by many families with children. In the winter there is nothing better than to have a glass of sake while warming your chilled body in the spring waters as you gaze out over the snowy scenery. As the winter cold becomes more severe, so too does the deliciousness of the seafood increase and a wonderful way to spend your stay is to enjoy a hotpot meal washed down with some local sake.
In the southern foothills where the spring water originates it is possible to make boiled eggs in the spring and there is also a footbath that will warm your whole body if you just dip your toes in the rejuvenating waters for 15 minutes.

General Information

Directions10 minutes by taxi from Murakami Station on the JR Uetsu Main Line
10 minutes by car from Kamihayashi-Iwafuneko Interchange on the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway
Car ParkYes


NameSenami Onsen Ryokan Association
Telephone Number0254-52-2656
Fax Number0254-52-6168