Old Wakabayashi Family Home


One of the few middle-ranking samurai residences left in Eastern Japan

This old samurai house is situated close to the remains of Murakami Castle. It is a classic example of a middle-ranking samurai residence and has been designated as a nationally important cultural property.
The house is a single storied dwelling, known as a magariya because a stable for horses is also attached. The sight of salmon hanging from the eaves of the thatched roof is typical of Murakami, which is famed as a salmon producing region. The layout and allocation of rooms is also very good and there is much to see. There is a traditional hearth in one of the rooms, which suggests that it was used for simple living. There are also times where snow fences are installed in preparation for heavy snowfall.

General Information

Directions7 minutes by car from Murakami Station on the JR Uetsu Main Line
5 minutes by car from the Murakami-Senami Onsen Interchange on the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway
Car ParkYes
Opening Times9:00-16:30
PricesAdults 200 yen
Elementary to high school students 100 yen


Telephone Number0254-52-7840