You can enjoy seafood distinctive of the Sea of Japan throughout the year. In addition to sushi with outstanding freshness, you can try hamayaki-style seafood eaten luxuriously in markets and red snow crab rich in miso.



Niigata is home to the greatest number of sake breweries in Japan. Craft beer was also brewed for the first time here in Japan. Therefore, you will find individually rich local beers wherever you go in the prefecture. The local wine and shochu are also at a high level.


Local Cuisine

We will introduce traditional local cuisine rooted in the climate of Niigata (e.g., hegi soba noodles and noppe soup). Many people come back to the region for the tastiness brimming with nutriment.


Local Specialties

What food do you think of when you hear "Italian?" Do you think of Italian yakisoba (fried noodles)? This soul food that is loved by locals is tasty twice-over if you unravel the secret to its creation.



Niigata is the "Kingdom of Fruit" for those in the know. Please enjoy the fresh local fruit at your destination. The aromatic sasa-dango (dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves) and excellent confectionary distinctive of a rice- and sake-producing region are also very popular as souvenirs.


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