Taho Onsen Dairo no Yu

多宝温泉 だいろの湯

Soak in three separate geothermal sources.

The Dairo no Yu is an extremely rare hot spring spot, in that it is fed by three separate springs.
Spring No. 1 feeds the 30 square meter garden pool. The spring water that can be described as "The Onsen" with a sulphurous odor and has one of the highest sulphur contents in the whole of Niigata Prefecture.
Spring No. 2 is used for indoor baths, rich in alkali ions and soft on skin. Sulfuric ions are predominant, restoring moist, smooth skin by softening the keratin.
Spring No. 3 feeds the open air rock bath and pelting water "takiyu" with spring water made up of compounds that mimic the fluid found in the human body.
Therefore, spring No. 3 is best-suited to long soaks and has excellent relaxation effects, and is also most appropriate for children.

General Information

Directions●10 minutes' walk from Iwaya bus stop (take bus for Maze from Maki Station, JR Echigo Line
●20 minutes' drive from Maki-Katahigashi IC, Hokuriku Expressway
Car Park●Standard size cars: 260 spaces
Opening Times●Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
●Closed: None
PricesDay trip bathing fees
●Adult: 880 yen
●Child (3+):440 yen
※After 17:00 on weekdays: Adult 660 yen, Child 330 yen


NameTaho Onsen Dairo no Yu
Telephone Number0256-82-1126
Fax Number0256-82-1122