Lake Okutadami


One of the major artificial lakes in Japan

Lake Okutadami is a man-made lake formed by the construction of the Okutadami dam, its water tank capacity is 600,000,000 square meters. It was constructed in 1961. In Edo period, the place was known as silver mines, so it is also called Lake Ginzan(The Silver Mountain). In fall, you can enjoy the color of the leaves of native beech forest with yellow and brown, also red, dark red, purple, vermillion of Japanese maples. From late May to early November, popular Okutadami Lake Tour Boat is operated. From Late My to June you can enjoy the contrast scenery of unmelted snow and green color of the young leaves over the mountain. In July and August, the color of forests in the mountain seems darker ,which we feel more beautiful than the blue Lake. Once you go out to the deck from the cruise ship, breeze blowing through the ship makes you feel very comfortable, so it's worth trying. In addition to the forty-minute lap of the lake, there is also a route to the popular Oze national park, popular with hikers. Nearby accommodations, hot spring bath, and camping sites are available.
It is not to be missed to take Okutadami Silver Line, as it was constructed for delivering construction materials to build the dam, which has 19 tunnels in total, its total length accounts for 18km out of 22km of the total length of the road. You must try at least once since it its very rare in Japan.

【Man-made lake】
●Maximum depth: 150meter
●Total area: 1,150ha
●Height : 750m

General Information

Directions●60 to 75 minutes by bus from Urasa Station(JR Joetsu Shinkansen)
●50 minutes by car from Koide IC (Kanetsu Expressway) via Okutadami Silver Line
Car Park●Regular cars: Available at Ginzandaira port and Okutadami Dam port
●Large cars: Available at Ginzandaira port and Okutadami Dam port


NameOkutadami Kankou
Telephone Number025-795-2750
Fax Number025-795-2244