Takada Park


A castle in a park with seasonal attraction

Takada Park was built where the Takada castle was there of the Edo Period. From the observatory at the rebuilt 3rd storeys of the castle, panoramic view of Takada plain. It is also known as a place for cherry blossoms, and in spring "TakadaC astle Cherry Blossom Viewing for one millon People is held.
In summer lotus flower bloom, and its scale and beauty is said to be the best in East Orient.

General Information

Directions15 min. on foot from Takada Station (Echigo TOKImeki Railway)
Car ParkApprox. 850 cars
Notes◆Takada Cherry Blossom Festival
From April 1, 2020 to April 15, 2020


NameJoetsu City Life-long Learning Promotion Division