Imori Pond


Imori Pond treats visitors to a captivating view of Mt. Myoko, one of the One Hundred Mountains of Japan, reflected upside down in the water.

Constructed in 1927, Imori Pond derives its name from the abundance of newts that once inhabited the area. The pond is nestled in the heart of the Myoko-Kogen Ikenotaira Onsen hot spring town, and its 500-meter circumference can be easily circled in just 15 minutes via the pondside promenade. A leisurely stroll along this path allows you to appreciate skunk cabbages and other alpine flora in spring, flourishing reed clusters in summer, and vivid colorful foliage during fall.

On clear days, the waters mirror Mt. Myoko, one of the One Hundred Mountains of Japan. Transforming with the seasons, its beauty draws in numerous visitors, turning it into a popular backdrop for Instagram photos and more.

General Information

Directions10 min. by bus from Myoko-Kogen Station (Echigo Tokimeki Railway, Myoko Haneuma Line).
5 min. drive from the Myoko-Kogen IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway.
Car ParkUse the parking lot of the Myoko-Kogen Visitor Center (50 cars).


NameMyoko-Kogen Visitor Center
Telephone Number0255-75-5270