Kotakigawa Jade Valley


Enjoy the abundant nature at the home of Jade

It is known as the place of Jade, and familiar with many people Takanami Pond with the backdrop of Myojoyama Mountain is also beautiful. There is also an observatory and fishing park with pedestrian path, so you can enjoy the attraction of the grand nature.

General Information

Address新潟県糸魚川市 大字小滝
Directions40 minutes by car from Itoigawa IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
(Accessible only by the mid-size vans or smaller)
Car ParkJade Gorge Coast (for learning) :Regular cars: 20(Turnaround area for bus is available)
Jade Gorge Observatory: Regular cars 15
Opening TimesLate April to Early November (Closed in winter due to heavy snowfalls)
NotesJade panning is prohibited at Kotakigawa Jade Valley


NameItoigawa Tourism Association
Telephone Number025-553-1785