Sado Resort Hotel Azuma

佐渡リゾート ホテル吾妻

Built on the heights of a quasi-national park with stunning views, this is “the inn closest to the setting sun”

This hotel was founded in 1925 as a traditional Japanese restaurant in Haneda in the Aikawa district. Thanks to its location in the westernmost part of northern Sado, it is also known as “the inn closest to the setting sun.” The views from the communal bath and guest rooms of the sun sinking past Nanaura Beach are truly spectacular. There are also footpaths, so you can enjoy strolling down to the beach. The reservable open-air baths and guest rooms with their own open-air baths are also popular. This is a hotel with a long-established restaurant, built on the heights of a quasi-national park by the sea.

Sado Area
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General Information

Directions●Around 50 minutes by car from Ryotsu Port
Car Park●Ordinary vehicles: 60
●Large vehicles: 5


Telephone Number0259-74-0001
Fax Number0259-74-3141