Aikawa Onsen


A hot spring resort on Sado Island, where you can watch the sun set and see the flames of fishing lures

A hot spring area on the west coast of Sado Island. Right before you stand Meoto-iwa (husband and wife rocks) that seem to be reaching out to embrace each other on the beautiful Nanaura Coast and are said to help to bring people together in marriage. From here you can also watch stunning sunsets, with the mighty Sea of Japan spread before you. What is more, you can also sample freshly caught seafood from the Sea of Japan, either as sashimi or grilled to your liking.
In the summer you can simply walk down to the beach in your bathing costume. In the vicinity are many other tourist attractions, like the Sado Gold Mine and Sado Bugyosho (Sado Old Magistrate’s Office).

General Information

Directions50 minutes by car from Ryotsu Port
Car ParkYes


NameSado Tourism Association Aikawa Tourist Information Office
Telephone Number0259-74-2220
Fax Number0259-74-3321