Momijiyama Park


Nestled on the enchanting Sado Island, Momijiyama Park is a natural haven renowned for its breathtaking autumn foliage. It's a beloved retreat for locals, offering a serene escape with Kagami Pond, scenic walking trails, and a panoramic observation deck.

At the heart of "Kosado," a picturesque hilly range gracing the southern half of Sado Island, you'll find two majestic peaks, Ogamisan and Megamisan, standing shoulder to shoulder. The southern slopes of these mountains are renowned for their vibrant autumn hues, and Momijiyama Park is nestled right along this captivating mountain chain. As autumn paints the landscape, the mountainsides burst into a brilliant tapestry of fiery foliage, creating an awe-inspiring vista of autumn's grandeur. Within the park, you'll discover Kagami Pond, a meandering promenade perfect for leisurely strolls, and an elevated observatory offering panoramic views that will take your breath away. The "Momijiyama Festival" is a vibrant celebration held every year on the last Sunday of October, coinciding with the peak of the autumn foliage season. Here, you'll encounter a delightful array of stalls, experiencing the vivacious festival ambiance that is uniquely Japanese.

General Information

DirectionsApprox. 55 min. by car from Ryotsu Port
Car Park30 cars
Opening Times8:30 am - 5:30 pm


NameSado Island Tourist Information Center
Telephone Number0259-27-5000