Taraibune Tub-Boat Ride (Yajima Taiken Koryukan)


Enjoy a traditional “taraibune” tub-boat ride in a beautiful cove facing the islands of Yajima and Kyojima!

“Taraibune” tub-boats were originally built for "isonegi-ryo," a fishing method where a glass box is used to look underwater for seafood from a floating tub. It was used to collect seaweed, abalone, turban shells, and more from the narrow, rocky, and reef-filled Ogi Coast. It is said to have been based on a laundry tub, and improved over time to its current form.

Yajima Taiken Koryukan, a facility on the cove with a view of Yajima and Kyojima islands, offers taraibune tub-boat rides for visitors. Explore the cove on a tub-boat and relish the picturesque scenery of Sado Island!

General Information

Directions●Approx. 60 min. by car from Ryotsu Port.
●Approx. 8 min. by car from Ogi Port.
Car Park20 cars
Opening Times●Opening hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
●Closed: October 21 (for the village festival), November-March
*Tub-boat ride reception is open until 4:30 pm.
Prices●Adults: 600 yen
●Children: 400 yen


NameYajima Taiken Koryukan (Yajima Experience and Exchange Center)
Telephone Number0259-27-5000