Myosenji Temple


See the exquisite five-storied pagoda and thatched temple kitchen building

Myosenji is a tranquil temple located at the former site of Sadogashima Castle and is famed for its outstandingly beautiful and elegant five-storied pagoda.
In fact, the pagoda is the only five-storied pagoda in Niigata Prefecture and is said to have been constructed during the Edo Period by an expert temple carpenter and his son, over the course of two generations. The pagoda is designated as national important cultural property. It is said to have been modelled on the pagoda at the Toshogu Shrine at Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, but in contrast to the colourful and luxurious decorations of Toshogu, the pagoda of Myosenji evokes a more austere and faded feel, with the artistry and delicacy of its woodwork being particularly outstanding. A surprising fact is that not a single nail or screw was used in its construction.
Next to the main hall is the temple kitchen, which is also the living quarters for the temple priest. This building is particularly appealing to many visitors, because it is rare to see a thatched kitchen building on temple grounds in Japan.
The main hall stands in the midst of a meticulously well cared for garden and pond, and as this site was once a castle, you can still see structures such as the earthworks of the castle buildings and the moat. This temple is full of ancient character and offers the visitor a great deal to enjoy and appreciate.

General Information

Directions30 minutes from Ryotsu Port
40 minutes from Ogi Port
45 minutes from Akadomari Port
Car ParkYes


Telephone Number0259-55-2061