Tanimura Art Museum


Step into the Tanimura Art Museum to experience the masterful craftsmanship of two of Japan’s leading woodcarving artists and architects, and encounter otherworldly Buddhist statues in a serene setting.

The Tanimura Art Museum displays Buddhist statues made by Sawada Seiko, one of Japan's most distinguished woodcarving artists. The museum building itself was also designed by the eminent Japanese architect Togo Murano, and is equally remarkable.

As you pass through the entrance, you'll be transported to a world evoking Silk Road relics and the cave temples of Dunhuang. A traditional Japanese corridor stretches in a straight line, leading to a semicircle room and cave-like chamber. Each space is meticulously designed to harmonize with the artworks, bolstered by unique shades from an interplay of natural and artificial light, which shift with the weather and time of day.

Contemplating these Buddhist statues in such a tranquil environment is sure to bring a sense of inner peace.

General Information

Address新潟県糸魚川市 京ヶ峰2-1-13
DirectionsApprox. 25 min. on foot from the Alps Exit of Itoigawa Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen, JR Oito Line, Echigo Tokimeki Railway).
Approx. 10 mins. from the Itoigawa IC on the Hokuriku Expressway.
Car ParkApprox. 15 cars
Opening Times9:00 am - 4:30 pm (reception closes at 4:00 pm)
Closed: Tuesdays (or the following weekday if Tuesday is a public holiday)
December 29 - January 3
Prices800 yen
*Free for those aged 18 and under.


NameGarden Museum Management Council
Telephone Number025-552-9277
Fax Number025-552-9310