Ichishima Sake Brewery (Brewery Tours)


A brewery with more than 200 years of brewing tradition

The Ichishima Sake Brewery was founded by the Ichishima family, which were one of the largest land holders in the country. Here you can see a variety of valuable documents and artefacts that tell the history of this famous family, which is an experience that cannot be had at other sake breweries. At the brewery there is a variety of old sake brewing equipment and tools on display, including jars and bottles from when sake was sold by weight, as well as celebratory sake barrels. These artefacts really give you a sense of the history behind sake brewing.
Brewery tours do not require a reservation and will go ahead even with one participant, meaning that you all have to do is simply come to the brewery. There are always about seven or eight varieties that can be tasted for free, from dai-ginjo and junmai-ginjo, to umeshu plum liqueur steeped in sake to special seasonal sake. If you find a type that you like you can also purchase a bottle (or two!) to take home with you.

General Information

Directions3 minutes on foot from Shibata Station on the JR Hakushin Line
10 minutes by car from Seiro Shibata Interchange on the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway
Car ParkYes
Opening Times9:00-16:00
Premium sake tasting 500 yen
NotesFor groups of more than 10 people, reservations for a brewery tour must be made more than one week in advance.


Telephone Number0254-22-5150
Fax Number0254-23-6233
E-mail addressinfo@aumont.jp