Toyanogata Lagoon


Scenic waters reflecting cherry blossoms in spring and home to swans in winter

Located two kilometres from JR Niigata station, Toyonogata Lagoon is known for its spring time cherry blossoms and a flock of swans that live here during winter. This unusual lagoon located in Niigata’s city centre is perfectly harmonised with the surrounding urban area. Toyonogata Park stretches around the lagoon in two sections: the Meike area and the Shumoku area.

The Meike area features an observation deck, a walking path lined with rows of 2,000 cherry blossom trees and Shirabe-no-Komichi, a strolling path for plant and flower lovers. This is also home to the Niigata prefectural library and the Niigata science museum.

The Shumoku area features a seasonal Japanese garden, a snow camellia garden with a wide variety of flowers and a main square, a popular location for performing artists. Visitors can observe swans flapping their wings and flying overhead from the rooftop of the bird watching hut. The largest number of swans stays here during winter. Come and enjoy this unique Niigata experience!

General Information

DirectionsAccess from the nearest station: 10 minutes by bus from Niigata Station South Exit

Access from the nearest IC: Niigata Chuo IC
NotesDeepest point: 1.4m

Natural lagoon


NameToyanogata Park Management Office
Telephone Number025-286-1080