Sushi Making Experience


Discover the art of sushi under the guidance of a seasoned master while relishing the finest Niigata ingredients.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Japanese culinary culture by trying your hand at sushi-making! Learn the delicate art of preparing authentic sushi from a seasoned chef with over 50 years of experience. Sitting by the Sea of Japan, Niigata Prefecture is a treasure trove of delectable seafood. You'll make sushi utilizing freshly caught seasonal fish sourced each morning from Niigata's local markets together with Niigata-grown rice. Needless to say, the taste is nothing short of spectacular!

During this experience, you'll also delve into the history and terminology of sushi, while gaining insight into the etiquette of how to properly eat it. You’ll leave with a profound appreciation of Japanese food culture and the talents of a true artisan. Treat yourself to a lavish experience where flavor and culture harmonize seamlessly!

General Information

Opening TimesYear-round
Duration: 2 hours
PricesRegular price: 10,000 yen
Campaign price 5,000 yen
Please check the official website for details.
NotesAdvance reservations required.
No age limit.


NameAtago Corporation
Telephone Number070-3288-6329