Iwamuro Onsen


Medicinal spring waters and an atmospheric hot spring town

Iwamuro Onsen is quiet retreat from Niigata City and a hot spring area with more than 300 years of history. As a base for visitors to nearby Yahiko Shrine it has been used since ancient times by many visitors. It is also the place of origin for the Echigo Geiko, female performers who would entertain guests in a Japanese tatami parlour room.
Iwamuro has also been designated as a national hot spring health resort and the qualities of the spring water have been officially endorsed. The waters with their smell of sulphur and slightly cloudy white appearance further enhance the hot spring experience.
Iwamuro is just five minutes by car to the Sea of Japan, and visitors can enjoy the finest seafood and local sake that Niigata has to offer.

General Information

Directions7 minutes by car from Iwamuro Station on the JR Echigo Line
15 minutes by car from Maki-Kata Higashi Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway


NameIwamuro Hot Springs Tourism Association
Telephone Number0256-82-5715
Fax Number0256-82-5566