Shirone Giant Kite Battle


See this 300-year-old fight! The world's largest kite battle

This unique festival features a battle between approximately 300 massive kites, each approximately 5m x 7m in size. Its origins date back to some trouble occurred here back in the Edo period.
When celebrating the completion of a construction project reinforcing the embankments of the river, a kite flown by Shirone residents fell into the fields on the opposing bank, damaging the crops of West-Shirone residents. Angered by the damage, the residents of West-Shirone struck back by crashing their own kite into the Shirone-side of the river. In this way it is said that a new tradition was born.
Today the Giant Kite Battle starts by two teams on either side of the river raising their kites and then deliberately entangling them. Once the kite falls in the river the two teams then engage in a tug-of-war until one team’s kite rope snaps. It is an impressive sight to see 300 5m x 7m kites take to the skies in battle. Once the kites plunge into the river the tug-of-war begins in earnest and so maybe you could help by heaving on the rope?
Although there are free viewing seats, the payable seats in the stands are better as the kite flying and tug-of-war take place right beside these seats, further boosting the intensity and excitement.

General Information

Directions20 minutes from Maki-Kata Higashi Interchange, 30 minutes from Niigata-nishi, and 30 minutes from Sanjo-Tsubame interchanges on the Hokuriku Expressway
Free shuttle bus from the Shirone Kite Museum
Car ParkTemporary car park
PricesPaid seats 600 yen (subject to change)


NameShirone Giant Kite Battle Executive Committee Secretariat
Telephone Number025-372-6505