Corridor of Lights


The Community is Connected by Both Snow and Candles

Illumination event with 100,000 lights on the streets of Joetsu. Many from the six areas in the city, young and old, create their own original candles, which are displayed along the streets. You can enjoy the cozy and quiet environment. Some snow statues are made in each area and there are also stalls set up.

General Information

Date February,26,2022
Time From 5:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. (tentative)
Directions●Yasuzuka Candle Road/disembark at Mushikawa-Osugi Station (tour bus in operation *advanced booking is necessary)
●Oshima Yuki-Hotaru Road/disembark at Hokuhoku-Oshima Station (tour bus in operation *advanced booking is necessary)
●Uragawara Yukiakari Festa/ disembark at Uragawara Station(tour bus in operation)
●Maki Fukayama no Tomoshibi / 30 minutes by car from Joetsu IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
●Koushi Lumine/15 minutes by car from Joetsu IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
●Fudo mini candle road/25 minutes by from Nadachi-Tanihama IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
Car ParkDue to limited parking space and very heavy snowfalls, taking public transportation is recommended.
PricesFree of charge
Notes【Contact for more information】
●Yasuzuka Candle Road:Yasuzuka Candle Road Organization Committee(Tel: 025-592-3880)
●Oshima Yuki-hotaru Road:Oshima Yukihotaru Road Organization Committee(Tel: 025-594-3122)
●Uragawara Yukiakari Festa: Uragawara Yukiakari Festa Organization Committee: (Tel: 025-599-2302)
●Maki Fukayama no Tomoshibi: Maki Machizukuri Organization Committee (Tel: 025-533-5151)
●Koushi Lumine : Koshi Yukimatsuri Organization Committee(Tel: 090-8596-8804)
●Fudo Mini Candle Road: Fudou Moriagemaikai : (Tel: 025-538-2432)