Oumi Bamboo


Two groups of children wearing kabuki-style make-up try to pull one another using a pair of bamboo sticks. The winner side is said to have a good rice and fish harvest this year. This event has continued for over 300 years, and is one of the most unique festivals of Japan.

General Information

Date January 15, every year
Time Around 12:30p.m. to 3:00p.m.
Directions●2 minutes on foot from Oumi station(Echigo TOKImeki Railway, Nihonkai Hisui Line)
●15 minutes by car from Itoigawa IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
Car ParkN/A
NotesRegistered as the important intangible folk culture asset in Japan
●Category/Folk and habit
●Registered date/ December 28, 1987(Showa 62)
●Asset holder/Oumi Takeno Karakai Hozonkai (Oumi Bamboo Preservation Committee)


NameCulture Promotion Division, Itoigawa City
Telephone Number025-552-1511
Fax Number025-552-7372
E-mail addressbunka@city.itoigawa.niigata.lg.jp