Kankoji Temple


Kankoji is a healing Zen temple that is hidden behind thickets of cedar trees
and seasonal flowering plants. A beautiful garden with multiple waterfalls
and abundant hydrangea flowers attracts many visitors to this temple.
Treasures and ancient records connected to the Uesugi Clan are on display at
all times, and the peaceful temple grounds are an excellent setting for observing the changing seasons.
Legend has it that during a conflict between feudal lords, precious volumes of
the Perfection of Wisdom sutra were stored inside the temple's miso paste to
prevent them from being destroyed by fires. This famous miso is still available for visitors to the temple to try today.
Visitors are welcome to write scriptures or practice zazen, and enjoy tea
while taking a moment to unwind in the soothing atmosphere of this temple.

General Information

Directions15 minutes by bus from Echigo Yuzawa Station
5 minutes by car from Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC
20-minute walk from Ishiuchi Station
Opening Times9:00 ~ 16:30


Telephone Number025-783-2111
Fax Number025-783-2125