Ryukokuji Temple


This Zen Buddhist Temple is a branch temple of the Soto School Gakurinji Temple in Gunma. The main temple hall was reconstructed in 1760 and is an iconic example of Zen architecture in Snow Country, whereas the peculiar design of the temple's adjacent kannondou is reminiscient of a style developed in the Gupta dynasty of Ancient India.
The temple has a large treasure hall with a plethora of Buddhist sculptures, and works from prominent local artists Ishikawa Uncho and Kobayashi Gentaro can also be seen on display.

General Information

Directions15 minutes by car from Urasa Station
7 minutes by car from Yamato Smart IC
Car Park15 spaces
Opening Times9:00 ~ 16:00


Telephone Number025-779-2020
Fax Number025-779-2477