Yukiguni Agripark Yuzawa Ichigo-mura

雪国アグリパーク 湯沢いちご村

Enjoy picking fresh Echigo-hime, a strawberry variety unique to Niigata

Yukiguni Agripark Yuzawa Ichigo-mura is a facility where visitors can pick fresh Echigo-hime strawberries, a prized variety from Niigata! The strawberries are grown indoors, so they can be harvested even on rainy or snowy days. The freshly picked strawberries can be enjoyed at the rest area on-site.

Echigo-hime strawberries are famed for their large size and soft flesh that is juicy and exceptionally sweet. Winters in Niigata Prefecture are very cold with little sunlight, contributing to the slow maturation of these strawberries from January to June. This slow ripening process packs the fruits full of nutrients, resulting in large, sweet strawberries with minimal tartness.

The operating hours and prices at the facility may vary depending on the growth of the strawberries, so please check the official website for the latest information before your visit.

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Telephone Number025-780-6011