Yahiko Onsen


A hot spring area that prospered as the gateway to Yahiko Shrine

This hot spring area stands at the gateway to Yahiko Shrine, which is known affectionately by locals as “O-Yahiko-sama.”
Yahiko Hot Spring area comprises two source springs, the Sakurai area spring that boasts a vigorous flow of spring water and the Yujinja spring that was newly opened in 2007, both of which have their own individual properties and effects.
At “Omotenashi Plaza” and “Yunowa” in front of JR Yahiko Station there are footbaths that are 100% sourced from the Yujinja spring.

General Information

Directions10 minutes on foot from Yahiko Station on the JR Yahiko Line
30 minutes by car from Sanjo-Tsubame Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Car ParkYes


NameYahiko Tourist Association / Yahiko Tourist Information Office
Telephone Number0256-94-3154
Fax Number0256-94-5211