Murasugi Onsen


A miraculous radium hot spring admired as a "national treasure"!

Murasugi Onsen is a hot spring area tucked away in the forest, embraced by the five peaks of Mt. Gozu. With other hot springs in the area it forms the Gozu Hot Spring Area.

This spring spouts an astonishing 483 litres of radium infused water per minute and is admired by famous onsen researchers as a “national treasure”! The waters are said to be effective for various ailments, including helping to strengthen the immune system and promoting anti-aging effects.

Various ceremonies and events take place throughout the beautiful changing seasons, from the cherry blossoms of spring, to the deep greenery of summer, the golden hues of autumn and the snowy scenes of winter. Lake Hyoko is also nearby and in the winter months it is possible to see many wild swans, which overwinter here.

Murasugi Onsen is close to both the mountains and the sea. Come here to enjoy the best of everything the Echigo region has to offer, from the shore to the mountain top.

General Information

Directions30 minutes by bus from Suibara Station on the JR Uetsu Main Line, or 15 minutes by car
15 minutes by car from Yasuda Interchange on the Ban'etsu Expressway
Car ParkYes


NameMurasugi Onsen Association
Telephone Number0250-62-2510
Fax Number0250-61-2037