Takanosu Onsen (Echigosekikawa Hot Spring Area)


Cross the suspension bridge to another world

Takanosu Onsen is one of five springs that makes up the Echigosekikawa Hot Spring Area. It lies across a rope suspension bridge over the clear waters of the Arakawa River, which is said to be one of Japan’s most beautiful rivers. Across the long suspension bridge and beyond the river lie two stylish villa-style accommodation facilities that are full of atmosphere and enchantment.
Set in the immense natural environment of Bandai-Asahi National Park, this is a place where you can enjoy all of the four seasons, from the chirping of the cicadas in summer, to enjoying an outdoor bath surrounded by deep snow in the winter.
It is said that a long time ago a boatman who travelled up and down the Arakawa River found a large eagle with an injured wing washing itself in a pool by the riverbanks, which is how it was discovered that hot spring water welled up from the ground at this spot.

General Information

Directions8 minutes by car from Echigo-Shimoseki Station on JR Yonesaka Line
30 minutes by car from Arakawa-Tainai Interchange on the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway
Car ParkYes


NameEchigo Sekikawa Onsen Ryokan Association Office
Telephone Number0254-64-1478
Fax Number0254-64-0079