Kujiranami/Nishi Kujiranami Beach


On a stretch of coast deemed one of Japan's most scenic, Kujiranami Beach has cafes, shops and inns. This wide beach with rocky outcrops here and there is very popular.
Nishi Kujiranami Beach is on the far side of the Kujiranami Port, stretched out at the bottom of the hill where numerous inns are located. It is more of a secluded cove for those who prefer less company on the seashore to relax.

Nishi Kujiranami Beach Facilities
●Changing rooms: No
●Shower: No
●Cafes: None currently
●Toilet: Yes(1 temporary)
●Beach: Sand and reef
●Broad shoals: ×
●Barbecue: ×

Kujiranami Beach Facilities ●Changing rooms: No
●Shower: Free - cold water (1 permanent)
●Beachside cafe: None currently
●Toilet: Yes (2 permanent)
●Beach: Sand and reef
●Broad shoals: ×
●Barbecue: ×

Marine sports
●Surfing: No
●Boardsailing: No
●Waterskiiing: No

General Information

Directions●1 minute walk from Kujiranami Station, JR Shin-etsu Main Line
●10 minutes' drive from Hokuriku Expressway Yoneyama IC
Car Park●Parking: 393 spaces (Kujiranami Beach), 20 spaces (Nishi Kujiranami Beach)
Prices●Parking charges: from Kujiranami Beach to Onodachi Park: free, Kashiwazaki Marina-mae Parking: 1,000 yen/day
Nishi Kujiranami Beach: free
(2019: 800 yen/day (Kujiranami Beach), free (Nishi Kujiranami Beach))


NameCommercial Tourism Division, Industrial Promotion Department, Kashiwazaki City
Telephone Number0257-22-3163
Fax Number0257-32-2883