Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum


Suzuki Bokushi was a merchant and author born in the Shiozawa area in the late Edo period who is responsible for sharing the unique customs, environment, and lifestyle of Snow Country with the rest of Japan in his best-selling work Snow Country Tales. This museum features records of Bokushi's life and interactions with other prominent literary figures as well as folklore associated with this region.
The museum itself is an example of Snow Country architecture with a heavily reinforced roof, and a section of the museum showcases a number of traditional Snow Country tools as well.

General Information

Directions10-minute walk from Shiozawa Station
10 minutes by car from Muikamachi IC
Car ParkYes
Opening Times9:00 ~ 16:30 (Closed Tuesday)


Telephone Number025-782-9860
Fax Number025-782-9860