Koshi Fire Festival

2023.03.11 古志の火まつり ファイナル — 祈りの炎、永遠に ―

The greatest Sai no Kami deity festival in Japan for wishing for good health and good recovery is hot enough to burn the heavens themselves!

A festival in which the greatest "Sai no Kami "of Japan, at a towering height of 25m, is ceremonially burned. In this traditional ceremony, people build up the Sai no Kami from grass and hay, and burn the conical structure in order to wish for good health and an abundant harvest for that year. After the fire is lit, an ethereal world is created through the combination of a pillar of fire that dances to 50m in height over the pure-white field, and the fireworks that color that same snowy setting. In addition, there is Japan's only Bull-Fight in the Snow event, along with a temporary alpaca petting ranch, a "village" of tents featuring local specialties, a stage show, and many other colorful events and attractions to keep guests enjoying the snow.


ช่วงเวลาที่จัดงาน Mid March
เวลาที่จัดงาน 11:00A.M. to 6:30P.M.
※Sainokami Fire lighting Ceremony at 6:00P.M.
ที่อยู่新潟県長岡市山古志種苧原4526付近 長岡市自然休養地四季の里古志特設会場(あまやちの湯下)
การเดินทาง●30 minutes by train from Nagaoka Station (JR Shinetsuhonsen Line)
●40 minutes by car from Ojiya IC (Kannetsu Expressway)
※There is only a few parking. Please share your rides.
※No public transportation is available
ที่จอดรถ●Regular cars: Available


ชื่อIndustrial Construction Division, Nagaoka City Office, Yamakoshi Branch