Tōzaki Naked Festival


A traditional ceremony held annually on January 17 at a temple in the Noh region. In this unusual festival, after purifying their bodies, young men dressed in only traditional fundoshi undergarments work to ward off the effects of unlucky years (a year during which certain people are believed to be prone to calamity). They do this by calling out to people and walking through the temple with them, calling out in raised voices, and tossing them into the air toward the roof. They sometimes throw with enough gusto to practically break through the roof, and you can hear the enthusiastic cries and welcoming cheers ring out!


ช่วงเวลาที่จัดงาน January 17,every year
เวลาที่จัดงาน Around 8:00P.M.
การเดินทาง●15 minutes by Fujisaki Bus Stop from Nou Station (Echigo TOKImeki Railway, Nihonkai Hisui Line)
●10 minutes by car from Nou IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
หมายเหตุ Registered as an important intangible folk cultural asset
・Type / Manners and Customs
・Registered name / Fujisaki Kannondo Hadaka Doage
・Registered date /February 28, 2015
・Property Holder's name / Fujisaki-ku


ชื่อCultural Promotion Div., Itoigawa City