Nagaoka Summer Festival Firework Display


Like flowers sparkling in the night sky

One of the major three fireworks displays in Japan. Super-large scale fireworks blooming in the mid-summer night sky, 100 non-stop shots of fireworks, and more to see. And "the Phoenix Fireworks Wishing For Complete Recovery", were firstly launched in 2004 praying for the complete restoration from the Chuetsu Earthquake. They are very popular as they are shot consecutively for 5 minutes, and its width of the fireworks stretches to 1.7km. There are also Star Mine Fireworks shot with music. Approximately 20,000 fireworks are launched for 2 days.


ช่วงเวลาที่จัดงาน Aug.2nd, and 3rd every year.
เวลาที่จัดงาน Around 7:25p.m. to 9:10p.m. (tentative)
การเดินทาง●20 minutes on foot from Nagaoka Station (JR Shinetsu Honsen Line)
●20 minutes by car from Nagaoka IC (Kanetsu Express Line)
ที่จอดรถ●Regular cars: Available
●Large cars: Available
ค่าบริการAdmission free (Sajiki seats, box seats are pay)


ชื่อNagaoka Fireworks Foundation