Kadoya Ryokan & Farm

ふるさとがしのばれる宿 角屋旅館

Completely private individual hot springs, including unusual radium hot spring baths that you can use as you please, free of charge. We recommend these for people who want to improve their immune systems and recover their health.

You can use the four private baths 24 hours a day, free of charge and without reservation or booking. Each bath has its own room, which enhances the effects of the radium hot springs, also known as “breathing hot springs” because you can benefit from breathing the moisture in the air.
Take your time and refresh yourself in the highly beneficial water.
Kadoya Farm cultivates organically grown vegetables as well as bamboo shoots and Koshihikari rice, and harvests wild plants and mushrooms from the surrounding mountains.
The chef carefully selects crabs and local fish each morning at the fish market, and prepares made-to-order dishes for each person using the finest ingredients from Niigata.
Feel free to discuss any dietary restrictions due to medical needs.

พื้นที่นีงาตะ / อางะ


ที่จอดรถ●Around 15 minutes by car from Suibara Station (JR Uetsu Main Line)
●Around 15 minutes by car from Yasuda IC (Ban-etsu Expressway)
ค่าบริการ●Ordinary vehicles: 14 (no charge)