Unohama Onsen


A hot spring area popular with parents - bring your children to play on the beach and soak in the hot springs

This hot spring area spreads along the Unohama coast, surrounded by pine forest and facing the Sea of Japan. On clear days you can enjoy the sight of the sun dipping below the horizon over the Sea of Japan, with Sado Island floating in silhouette as the sun sets. In English the name means “Cormorant Beach” and there is a legend that states that in ancient times an old cormorant lived on “cormorant lake” nearby, which is from where the beach got its moniker.
At Unohama Onsen beach, every year in spring and autumn a special fish netting event for tourists is held. Everyone heaves together to draw in the fishing net, and you can see for yourself the heaving mass of fish jumping around in the net! After your experience as a fisherman, why not drink your fill of a delicious, umami-rich bowl of “pirate broth”? You will also be pleased to know that the fish caught in the net can be taken home by the participants.
Enjoy the beach, a hot spring, a net fishing experience and delicious food, all of which will guarantee a day full of happy memories.

General Information

Directions10 minutes on foot from Katamachi Station on the JR Shin'etsu Main Line
5 minutes by car from Ogata Smart Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Car ParkYes


NameOgata Tourist Association
Telephone Number025-534-4465
Fax Number025-534-4772