Minamiuonuma Maji-don


Savor Minamiuonuma's finest rice in the heart of Japan’s leading rice-producing region!

This event is orchestrated by the “koshihikari” rice-producing region, renowned as one of the best rices in Japan, and was designed to breathe life into the local economy through food. So that both locals and visitors can easily savor a hearty bowl of Minamiuonuma koshihikari rice, often perceived as rare and upscale, all manner of chefs have joined to present their finest rice bowl creations at their respective establishments.

These are collectively called “maji-don,” and they feature hefty servings of rice and carefully chosen ingredients, each uniquely crafted and infused with the chefs’ passion. The event spans October to late February, granting both autumn and winter flavors. You’ll be able to savor Japan's finest rice together with Niigata's abundant mountain and ocean bounties.

General Information

Date From October to February
Opening TimesVaries between restaurants.
NotesPlease inquire about group reservations.


NameMinamiuonuma City Tourism Association
Telephone Number025-783-3377
Fax Number025-783-3388
E-mail addressinf@m-uonuma.jp