Minamiuonuma Maji-don


  Minamiuonuma is known as the birthplace of the famous Koshihikari rice variety that Japan boasts to the world. To share generous portions of this local produce with many, the Minamiuonuma Maji-don campaign has been held annually since 2015. Every year, local chefs charmed by their city’s delicious rice produce have again been challenged to showcase its premium quality, leading to dozens of photo-friendly, breathtaking rice bowl creations.

  This year, 68 extraordinary rice bowls are offered between 51 different restaurants throughout the city, with a plethora of new and inspired ways to appreciate the taste of this proudly Minamiuonuma-grown Koshihikari at its freshest.

General Information

Date From October to February


NameMinamiuonuma City Resort Tourist Association
Telephone Number025-783-3377
Fax Number025-783-3388
E-mail addressinf@m-uonuma.jp