Murakami Grand Festival


See the exquisite vermillion, black and gold floats make their way through the city!

The Murakami Grand Festival is a splendid and magnificent festival that has continued since 1633. It is one of Japan’s historic and traditional festivals and is designated as an important national intangible folk cultural property.
In Murakami the festival floats are known as “Oshagiri.” These 19 oshagiri are covered in colourful carvings and are a truly gorgeous sight to behold as they trundle by. Some of the oshagiri are more than 200 years old and feature many traditional crafts and techniques. Each district of the town has its own oshagiri, and each one is decorated with various items that have a particular connection to the district, which is something to look out for as they pass by. It is interesting to try and imagine what it is that is being carried, whether it is something that expresses the scenery of the Sumiyoshi Shrine in Osaka, a hermit astride a crane, or Daikoku, one of the seven lucky gods.
When night falls the oshagiri are illuminated with lanterns and are paraded through the town accompanied by lively traditional music, in a sight that is typical and highly evocative of traditional Japanese festivals.

General Information

Date July 6 to 7 every year
Directions5 minutes by car from Murakami-Senami Onsen Interchange on the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway
30 minutes on foot from Murakami Station on the JR Uetsu Main Line
Car ParkYes


NameMurakami City Tourism Association
Telephone Number0254-53-2258
Fax Number0254-50-7234