Obata Sake Brewery


Obata Sake Brewery is celebrated worldwide for its exceptional sake. Discover your favorite bottle with a sake tasting experience!

Established in 1892, Obata Sake Brewery is the second oldest among the five sake breweries on Sado Island. The brewery's guiding philosophy revolves around the harmonious blend of four treasures: rice, water, people, and the unique essence of Sado, where the sake is brewed.

The brewery's flagship sake, “Manotsuru,” has received numerous accolades in both domestic and international sake competitions. It is enjoyed not only in Japan but also distributed across 15 countries, including the United States and Hong Kong. When visiting, be sure to watch the video showcasing the brewing process for an in-depth look at the art of sake production. Then, indulge in a sake tasting session, and find a bottle that suits your palate to bring back home.

General Information

DirectionsApprox. 30 min. drive from Ryotsu Port and Ogi Port
Car ParkAvailable
Opening Times9:00 am - 4:00 pm


NameObata Sake Brewery
Telephone Number0259-55-3171